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Normal Is Boring

Two humans. Three robots. One storyline. Millions of possibilities. This comic may seem pointless, funny and having of no plot! But that's because it is...funny, pointless and of having no plot! Find out how two guys, two girls, a psyco robot that lives in the kitchen cabinet and a giant house fit for forty bind together like superglue. In this house, normal does not exsist. In this house, Normal is boring. Updates usually Monday-Friday Special events on weekends.

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December 21st, 2006, 6:43 pm

Christmas! :D

Yup, I've been updating smoothly and on time, lately, and I'm darned glad about it! Lesse, changes. Well, I've become better at the whole, HTML business, so that's better. :3

What else? Um, Christmas is almost here and I'm glad.


It's going to frikkin' ROCK!

On the downside (omigod there HAS to be a downside! Dx), I'm sick. Well, I'm sick now. If you read this next month or something, I'm not sick anymore! Well, I could be, it all depends on...

Nevermind. I'm sick NOW! Um...At...December 21...

OH, but my knee does have muscle damage and it's numb so I can't feel it! Merry Christmas trip to the Doc!

I wonder if it'll be all Christmas-ey, you know? Odds are not. Maybe there'll be a Santa or something...meh...

September 21st, 2006, 9:26 pm

Read this, please.

Listen, people, I don't get mad at people easily, ask anyone. Even if your comic is really bad and people left and right are "get ridda it!" and "you suck! Delete!"

I'm willing to help you get better.

I make critique comics for you. I even made a Sprite Comic tips page for you!

Once, this guy begged and begged and begged me to make him some sprites, and when I finally did, he never used them! So, I claimed them for myself, seeing as how I made them and all.

But people, please, if you're just dissing yourself and trashing comics because you either:

A. Want attention
B. Just Can

Or anything else unreasonable like that, take it somewhere else or stop.

It's not going to gain you respect, and it's CERTIANLY not going to get you an audience.

Recently (depending on when you read this) someone ticked me off. They made a lousy comic, and people critiqued him.

Apparently, this guy's head is made of friggin' LEAD, because it took the advice as insults! I haven't checked other comics yet, but he certianly flamed MINE for no reason. >.O;;;

One more thing, before this rant is over. :D

I'd just like to get the point across that I am a VERY forgiving person. I don't get mad easily, and I try to avoid conflicts online as much as possible...

Though sometimes that's hard to do.

I also work hard over making my comics, keeping the whole webcomic space in balance, keeping up with all my fav'ed comics and other things.

OH, and lets work Megaman Xtream into there, school, my book and all the other crap I have to deal with.


There was a point in there somewhere... Dx...

Um...he annoyed me, and for the first time in my SmackJeeves exsistance, I just said "okay, fine" and gave up...

He had potential.

A little...

But he said photoshop would make it all better...

It can help, but the only thing that can make the comic better is yourself...

I learned that a loooooong time ago.

Peace Out

June 10th, 2006, 10:35 am


Please Read This!!!

I'm really sorry about not updating in a while, it's just...I can't get my mind back on comic-making. NiB will definitely live again some day, but for now...I guess it's shut down...

Sorry for all those who wanted to read my comics, but I just couldn't do it. I have writers block, I was in a play Friday night and all this other stuff has been happening. I almost failed school, it's the end of the year and life has been really freaky for me right now.

Just give me a while to sort everything out in my mind. I'm so confused I'm like a train veering off it's tracks.

So don't leave me or think I don't care, I can't, but some day NiB might get back to normal...

March 30th, 2006, 11:14 am

Megaman Xtream

Sigh...I miss Megaman Xtream. Thought the first 9 pages were...crapleh. I actually tried to REMAKE them...but I falied. Here, I'll post...144 and 145...

:D Page 144. The current plot is this: Protoman was killed and this is his subconsious. The other sprite is his spirit guide. It's a lot like BnG, I know...BUT IT IS NOT A DRUG INDUCED COMA! :D

145. Protoman's spirit guide is mean. OH, I wanna post another page for you that I liked.

I like this page. 143... THE PAST PANEL SAYS "PEON" NOT "PEE"! So don't even think it.

March 28th, 2006, 5:33 pm

Hurt Knee

-cries- My knee hurts so badly!

It started hurting REALLY badly today, so I had to go to the hospital to get it looked at. Turns out I have some disease called "Osgoood-Schlatter". It means my bone is growing to much and...stuff. Wonderful, ain't it? Anyway, my knee feels like crap, I can't bend it, and I can't go to my Drama Class. Dx...

It sucks, so hard.

March 27th, 2006, 4:19 pm

Kaichii's Back

Yeyo....I'm back. :D

I'm very happy! :D I hope you like my new banner!

I know it's kinda late for this, but I just felt like giving my graditude. :D

I know I've kinda lost the fans I had because of my no-update-spree, but I've gained a few fans I never had before!I guess I should explain.

Not too long after my comic updates got slow, my computer started crashing and we had to delete a lot of things. No to mention some loved ones in my family started dropping like flies...I guess I didn't really have the feel for updating. But finally, my sister said she uploaded the program GIMP (after our computer got alittle better). So I decided to learn how to use it, make some comics and get back on track.

Which is what you have now. NOW, I have Photoshop again and you can see some even more kick-arse comics! I still have to use CD's and floppys for making my comic, but I'm not complaining. The LAST thing I want is for my computer to die. I had to go for a whole year without a computer the last time it crashed. Thank GOD my aunts friend makes computers and likes us.

She built my current one.

I just wanted to say that so those of you who have been loyal to me since the beginning don't feel like I abandoned you.

God I should have made this alittle freakin sooner!

January 14th, 2006, 9:33 am


I feel bad. Literally. I think I've got a virus of some sort. Updates will still come, I'm just kinda...taking pills and drinking stuff.


Hopefully some day updates will run smoothly again.

January 4th, 2006, 2:44 pm

New Years

Hi guys! Sorry for the lateness in the updateness, but now I updated!

I mean, it's the holidays and I got new stuff and crap. But I should be getting back on track again. ::sighs:: That and school started again. ::cries::

Your friendly neiborhood sprite comic author,

~K.M. (+]=D~

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