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Normal Is Boring

Two humans. Three robots. One storyline. Millions of possibilities. This comic may seem pointless, funny and having of no plot! But that's because it is...funny, pointless and of having no plot! Find out how two guys, two girls, a psyco robot that lives in the kitchen cabinet and a giant house fit for forty bind together like superglue. In this house, normal does not exsist. In this house, Normal is boring. Updates usually Monday-Friday Special events on weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions!


< Can I use ______ in my comic?
Sure. I don't mind. Just make sure you don't change their personality or what not.

< Did you make all of your sprites and stuff?
Well, I made JP, Kink, Garth and most of the backgrounds and props. The kitchen background, though I used some of the supplies from Crash and Bass' kitchen background and put them on my own. So, I have to give some credit to them. Sad they died, really.

< Can I be a cameo on your comic?
Well, the storyline follows a certian plot that I can't really alter, but I could, however, put a picture/sprite of you in the background. (e.i. a poster, billboard, random person ect...) So, I could squeeze you in, but not as an actual character in the story.

< Dude, you are good at HTML!!!!!!
Eheheheheheheheheh no I'm not. I still suck, and this is all REALLY FREAKING CONFUSING, like everything else that I've been doing. I am getting better, though! :D

More questions to come. :D


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