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Two humans. Three robots. One storyline. Millions of possibilities. This comic may seem pointless, funny and having of no plot! But that's because it is...funny, pointless and of having no plot! Find out how two guys, two girls, a psyco robot that lives in the kitchen cabinet and a giant house fit for forty bind together like superglue. In this house, normal does not exsist. In this house, Normal is boring. Updates usually Monday-Friday Special events on weekends.

March 27th, 2006, 4:19 pm

Kaichii's Back

Yeyo....I'm back. :D

I'm very happy! :D I hope you like my new banner!

I know it's kinda late for this, but I just felt like giving my graditude. :D

I know I've kinda lost the fans I had because of my no-update-spree, but I've gained a few fans I never had before!I guess I should explain.

Not too long after my comic updates got slow, my computer started crashing and we had to delete a lot of things. No to mention some loved ones in my family started dropping like flies...I guess I didn't really have the feel for updating. But finally, my sister said she uploaded the program GIMP (after our computer got alittle better). So I decided to learn how to use it, make some comics and get back on track.

Which is what you have now. NOW, I have Photoshop again and you can see some even more kick-arse comics! I still have to use CD's and floppys for making my comic, but I'm not complaining. The LAST thing I want is for my computer to die. I had to go for a whole year without a computer the last time it crashed. Thank GOD my aunts friend makes computers and likes us.

She built my current one.

I just wanted to say that so those of you who have been loyal to me since the beginning don't feel like I abandoned you.

God I should have made this alittle freakin sooner!

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